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tribal wolves by theWolfdragon21
tribal wolves
there from a tribe 
the firs ton (left one)
is a princess actually her sister went missing so she was the only one left

the middle one is the head healer of her tribe and the last one is a rogue whos on her own

there names are 
zozo (the right one)
mica (the middle)
Elora the lest one 
the mother of crimson by theWolfdragon21
the mother of crimson
she is the goddess of snow and the light blue chaos Emeralds her powers of ice is stronger then anyone else and only the best can see her 
she is also the loving mother of crimson 
she might be dead but her spirit lives on watching over her daughter hoping she'll live long enough to become and take her place
the little zombie by theWolfdragon21
the little zombie
she has no name
and even if she did she would forget what it was
she used to have a sister but she was killed and eaten
the only thing you can know about her is that shes a walking infection as she can bite or claw who ever she hates and turn them into zombies or kill them with sickness
shes very sweet so and will eat anyone when smells blood
she only lesions to her Queen so she won't care for anyone else

adding that SHES SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crimson the snow fox by theWolfdragon21
Crimson the snow fox
her name was crimson for a reason her blood red eyes
but her powers are ice and snow she is a master of it
she is very she and kinda to her self a lot but if she likes ya she'll show her fun and kind side to her
the crystal around her neck is actually a crystal from mephiles the dark 
story goes her mother who was also a snow fox was a secret goddess of ice and snow she and mephiles were rivals and after her death she has ripped a crystal right off mephiles when her husband found her he cried and found the crystal in her hand to this day crimson wears it with a unknown reason why her mother and mephiled would fight to the death

base by GothicSoulIzzy
the puppet and the master by theWolfdragon21
the puppet and the master
oooohhhh i love this so much XD
look at naga...he looks CRAZY!!!! XD and his beloved hounds grim and shock! 
and look a random guy...0w0 hes one likes him not even naga XD
hope you like it guys

naga,grim and shock (c) LordNagaetros
i think champ,snow,rogue and even a old friend champ knows should do a ask thing XD can't do snows brother because hes unknown right now ^^'

Champ: Champ by theWolfdragon21 " a young adult male drake with a big anger and a very scar boss"

Snow: Snow daughter of Rogue and Crow by theWolfdragon21 " a young adult female drake that is a Seer and is cursed to see the nightmares of her family"

Kendall:  Kendall by theWolfdragon21 " a fully grown drake mother who was lied to about her husbands death"

Rogue: Rogues wedding dress by theWolfdragon21 " a mother that most fight for her family and her life"

ask them anything 0w0


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welcome to my page i hope you will like it here

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my doll X3 by theWolfdragon21 Dancing Rainbow Shade by theWolfdragon21

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